Soup’s on! (for Merryweather)

s kitchen

Befuddled by the inscription on the eatery marquee, Merryweather sees no reason to abide. “Take only three” is a suggestion he will not adhere to. Laden with the various abundance of bread stick varieties, Merryweather is now unable to consume completely his entree.

He beckons the eatery maiden for a “to go” vessel.


One Response to “Soup’s on! (for Merryweather)”

  1. ALEX Says:

    Asking Rhett to limit himself to three breadsticks is like asking a child to only grab one handful of candy at a parade, or a customer to only chose 2 cars to test drive. You may as well as rhett to choose only one hairstyle or only one tie from the early ’60’s. Truly an impossible task!

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