Hello Nurse










 Taking all but a moment out of his already strenuous afternoon, Rhett challenges himself with a casual on-line intelligence test.

For the most part Rhett fairs fair until he stumbles upon a certain mathematical conundrum.

Which is greater? 1/4 of a 1/2 or 1/2 of a 1/4” the question reads. 

Typically simple factions are hailed in regards of ease by Merryweather, but today the difficulty is compounded when he enters the realm of fractions of fractions.  “Wait? Fractions of fractions!?”  he states to himself in utter disbelief.  Up until this very moment Rhett has never conceived of such a numerical notion seemingly. 

After many hours schematics, equations and pie charts are evaluated, Rhett comes to the conclusion that there is, in fact, an answer.  An answer to a question which he can not deduce.  Merryweater’s head begins to spin with the overwhelming possibilities as to which of the three answers it could be, his eyes cross and lock.

Medical assistance is immediatly summoned.


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